Welcome to the LCCC Library Archive
Right now, the primary collection in this archive is of The Collegian. From 1965 to the present, The Collegian has been the campus newspaper at Lorain County Community College. Placing them online is a step in the process of digitally preserving them.
This repository is a window to the past and a tool for the present. In addition to preserving LCCC community memory, this archive is a tool for academic success. Going forward, students will be able to use this resource to make their work more relevant to the community at LCCC and enhance their connection to the history of their institution. Additionally, this resource promotes a vibrant connected community. Stories cover not only campus life at LCCC, but serve as a record of cultural and political events in Lorain County.
Items are digitized by library staff using Acrobat Pro and onsite scanning hardware. Additional support has come from The Freedman Center at Case Western Reserve University. (http://library.case.edu/ksl/freedmancenter/) This website is presented through Pawtucket, the online publishing component of the CollectiveAccess software.
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